Online Casino (Canada) Thrills With Interac

Online Casino (Canada) Thrills With Interac

Whether you're used to gambling in offline venues or not, it's difficult to deny the appeal of playing for real money in an online casino – no need to leave your living room, lots more games and cash prizes up for grabs 24/7.

However, one thing that's extremely important on the web is that you find a payment system that works for you before you visit an online casino. Canada Interac fans will be glad to know that their payment method of choice can be used on lots of online gambling sites.

  • Learn why Interac is perfect those who prize safety and security
  • Find where to play for cash using Interac online casinos
  • Compare Interac's service with other payment options

Because it's been on the market since 1984, providing debit cards and more recently creating their fantastic e-Transfer service, Interac is one of the most trusted names in Canada when it comes to banks and financial institutions.

While you can use your Interac debit card for online gambling, where it's accepted that is, we're going to be focusing on their e-Transfer payment system because it may not be something that you're familiar with but is very well-suited to making a deposit or withdrawal at web casinos.

Ways of Working with Interac

Using an e-Transfer to make a payment, whether to an Interac online casino, Canada-based department store or even a local handyman, is much like doing so using your online banking. And, given that there's a fee of a couple of dollars associated with using Interac, you might wonder why you wouldn't just use that instead.

Interac works by connecting your online banking with the site or person that you're trying to pay without showing them your payment details. In effect, it takes the payment and then passes it on to the proper party. We'll get to why that's a good thing further down the page.

The site you're playing with will need to be an Interac online casino, with Canada players accepted too, which means that they've applied for an Interac merchant account and have been approved to accept cash via e-Transfers. Just indicate that you want to make a payment using Interac in the Cashier area and you'll be prompted to enter a few details, such as how much money you want to transfer, then click send and that's your deposit made!

Using Interac

We mentioned above that there's a charge for sending an e-Transfer payment, albeit a very small one, which might have you wondering why Interac is such a popular deposit option.

The most obvious answer is that, because it obscures your personal information and payment details, it offers MUCH more in the way of safety and security than simply entering your credit card information or bank details does.

In most cases, gambling sites having your payment information isn't a problem because they'll behave appropriately and won't try to withdraw more money than you've authorised. However, it's reassuring to know that if you should happen to stumble across a fraudulent or dishonest casino that you have some extra layers of protection in place.

Those layers won't slow you Interac online casino Canada gamblers down though. Quite the contrary – paying via e-Transfer will see the cash you're trying to use for online gambling arrive in your account just as quickly as other digital payment methods, and it's faster for making a withdrawal than any of its offline alternatives.

If you're playing in an online casino, Canada, Interac and e-Transfer really do go hand in hand – because this payment method can only be used by Canadians, it's very likely that any Interac casino site you use will welcome Canucks and support deposits/withdrawals in CAD.

Canadians Finding an Interac Online Casino

Although Interac's "Canada only" approach represents a useful way to find online casinos that welcome Canadian players, it also means that most casinos don't heavily promote the fact that they accept e-Transfers.

This is simply because Canadians represent a very small slice of the online gambling market, so there's just no need for them to do so; anyone who arrives on the site and is hoping to play with Interac has probably been directed there from somewhere else, like this page for example!

But you can stop worrying about having to cruise all over the web looking for gambling sites that accept Interac, looking at their range of games and what the experience of playing there is like. We've already done that work for you, and we're proud to present a list of what we think are some of the top Interac online casino (Canada-based players accepted, naturally!) sites out there.

Just choose any site on this list, claim your welcome bonus and make an online casino Canada Interac payment. You won't have to wait for long before the cash is credited to your account, and then you'll be ready to play your favourite casino game.