A New Deal For Online Baccarat Fans – Live Dealer Online Casinos!

Online Baccaratenthusiasts, this one’s for you! How would you like to enjoy your favorite Canadian casino game in a whole new way? The same thrilling game play, the same high stakes, but now with new technology, new innovations and a new online casino environment too?

We’re talking about the latest development to hit the industry. That is, live dealer online casino baccarat. It’s the same sophisticated casino game you know and love, but with some new additions like a real life croupier, real life opponents and real life game play too! And how do you access all these authentic casino features? By logging on, that’s how! The beauty of live dealer online casinos is that they bring the genuine atmosphere of land-based casinos right to you, no lengthy trips or travel needed. Just sit down in front of your computer, log on, and you’ll be right in the middle of the live dealer Baccarat action in an instant!

In fact, why not give it a try for yourself right now? Just choose one of our featured live dealer Baccarat online casinos, select a table, and look forward to fast-paced, high-adrenalin, real-life winnings!

The Game Of Live Dealer Baccarat

As an online casino Baccarat enthusiast, you’ll know exactly how thrilling the game is in a land-based environment, surrounded by a croupier and other players, with the cards dealt and the bets placed directly in front of you. Online Baccarat is equally as exciting, with all the same winning opportunities. However, some Canadian Online Baccarat players have always wished for the Baccarat experience to be the same both online and in real life.

Now with the launch of live dealer online casino Baccarat, those wishes have come true. Thanks to the innovative pairing of live dealers and a live video feed, players are able to watch a croupier deal their hand, ask any questions of the dealer or their opponents via the chat feature, and experience the game of Baccarat as if they were at a real life casino! When live dealer online casinos were first introduced, Baccarat was one of the first games to be launched, and thanks to its huge fan base, its popularity has only grown.

Playing Live Dealer Baccarat

If you’re new to the game of live dealer online casino Baccarat, you’ll be glad to know that any changes from the regular game are minimal. Aside from the inclusion of a real-life, responsive dealer of course!

At the beginning of your live dealer Baccarat game, you’ll be asked to place your bets as usual. You bet either for the Player, Banker or Tie positions. Once you’ve settled on an outcome, the croupier will deal two cards face up to each hand. As usual, the hand with a value closest to 9 is the one that wins (taking into account that Aces are worth 1, Tens and face cards are worth 0, and all other cards are worth their face value). Should the value of the cards be equal, a Tie will be called, and that position will be the winner.

As you can see, live dealer Baccarat is the same game you know and love, but with a new modern twist. Get with the l program today at any of our recommended Canadian online casinos and enjoy top action at a computer screen near you!