Online Casino Blackjack - A Canadian Favorite!

Mobile Blackjack

It has many names: Pontoon, 21, or Vingt-et-un. But it has only one objective. That is, get your cards to total 21. It's Blackjack of course, and it's a favourite of casino enthusiasts the world over.

No one knows exactly when Blackjack was first introduced, but everyone can agree how engaging it is. Blackjack has undergone many transformations over the years, but none have been as popular as Online Blackjack, which is something Canadian online casino players in particular can agree on. And no matter which casino they're reviewing, our experts have found one thing to be true: Online Blackjack is among the most popular not just of table games, but of online casino games as a whole. If you haven't joined the hottest trend in gaming yet, it's time you got in on the winning action. There's plenty to be found at our recommended Canadian Blackjack online casinos, so pull up a chair at a table near you today!

Playing Blackjack At Canadian Online Casinos

Ever since casinos first hit the internet in 1994, Online Blackjack has been a staple at all reputable gaming venues. In fact, if your site doesn't offer Blackjack, maybe it's time to make a move to one that does. Because it's not just a game that provides constant thrills and winning excitement, it's one where you can eventually use your skills to help swing the odds in your favor.

That's right! Unlike other casino games that rely heavily on chance and Lady Luck, Online Blackjack provides winning opportunities for skillful players to control the outcome of their hand. Keep an eye on the cards played, calculate the odds and you could find yourself beating the house more often than not. Practice makes perfect though, so the only way to improve your skills is by playing, learning, and constantly working on your Blackjack strategy.

How To Play Online Casino Blackjack

First things first, you need to know how the game of Online Blackjack is played. Luckily, if you're familiar with the concept from movies or Canadian land-based casinos, the transition to Internet Blackjack will be smooth. At the start of the game, you'll be asked to place your bet. Once your chips are on the table, the computerized croupier will deal you two cards face up. If you're happy that the hand you've been dealt can beat the dealer, you can choose to "stand," or stay with your current hand. If you feel you need more cards to get you closer to the magic number of 21, you can "hit," or ask for more cards, until you're satisfied.

Once you choose to stand, the dealer's hand will be dealt. If the house's hand beats yours, you're out of the game. But, if your total is higher than the dealer's then the game is yours and you'll walk away a winner! It takes practice to judge when to hit or stand, but the more you play, the more comfortable you'll become with making game-changing decisions.

As a practiced Online Blackjack player, you'll come to learn that there are many different strategies and approaches to the game. Two of the most popular approaches are: 'doubling down' (asking for just one more card and then doubling your bet) and 'splitting' (splitting a matched pair into two separate hands). The trick, however, is not to become intimidated by the many winning possibilities that exist, and rather find the ones that work for you. And you also need to adapt the approaches to your own personal gaming style.

If you’re looking for a hybrid between the live and online version of the game, you’ll love live dealer blackjack, which lets you play on the Internet whilst enjoying the interaction of a real life dealer.

The world of Online Blackjack is an exciting and rewarding one, and it's time you became a part of it! Start today at one of our recommended Canadian online Blackjack casinos and get to grips with playing and winning at the king of casino games!