Live Dealer Blackjack, Live Online Casino Thrills

Fancy a game of Blackjack? Then we've got just the casino for you, complete with croupier, opponents and thrilling atmosphere to match. And best of all, there's no travel involved either. That's because we're not taking you to any ordinary casino. We're taking you to a live dealer online casino, where you'll experience the old game of Blackjack in a whole new way! It's the online Blackjack game you've been looking for, played right in front of your eyes, and it's coming to you live from a computer screen near you!

Not familiar with the concept of live dealer online casino games? Then you're in for a treat - because it's everything you could want from a digital casino and more. The convenience of playing whenever and wherever you like, coupled with the authenticity of an actual casino experience. Put the two together with one of the world's oldest casino games and you have live dealer online casino Blackjack. It's one of the biggest crowd-pleasers on the game floor! Join in the excitement today at one of our top Canadian live dealer online casino picks and deal yourself into non-stop Blackjack winning action!

The Game Of Live Dealer Online Casino Blackjack

More so than any other game, Blackjack has undergone a number of amendments, changes and evolutions before becoming the game we know and love today. Ask any Canadian to name a casino game off the top of their head and more often than not they'll say "Blackjack." It's easy to understand, it's as thrilling to watch as it is to play, and it's guaranteed to deliver excitement with every hand.

That's why live dealer online casinos were first introduced with Blackjack. And today, Blackjack is just as popular in live dealer casinos as it is in online ones, its game play and betting structure perfectly suited to the authentic experience that live dealer casinos offer. You have a live, responsive croupier, dealing hand after hand. You have opponents on either side of you, vying for the same pot. And you have the electric ambience of a genuine casino, with all the thrills and anticipation that go along with it. It's Blackjack like you've never experienced it before!

Playing Live Dealer Blackjack

If you're nervous about any changes that may have been made to your favorite online casino game, rest easy. It's still played the same way and dealt the same way as in your regular site. At the beginning of the game, you place your bet and get two cards dealt face up. You can either choose to stand (keep your hand as-is) or hit (receive more cards) and then stand once you're satisfied. Once you're happy with your hand, the dealer will play theirs. If your hand is closest to 21 without going over, and beats the dealer's hand too, you'll be the winner of the hand, and if you were lucky enough to get Blackjack (an Ace and a Ten) you'll be paid out 3:2.

There are some differences between live dealer and online casino Blackjack in terms of the number of decks used, whether or not the dealer hits or stand on soft 17, and possible restrictions on doubling down and splitting. But mostly, live dealer Blackjack is the same game you've always played, with an extra dimension of authenticity.

So if that's an angle you'd like to experience, now's the time! Just make your play at any of our top Canadian live dealer online casinos and get dealt into fast-paced action and non-stop winnings!