The Legalities Of Playing At Canadian Online Casinos

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You're an avid Canadian online casino player who enjoys the thrill of your favorite online casino games. You claim your free new player welcome bonus and take part in all the promotions you can. You love your online casino experience, and it's one you enjoy whenever you have the time.

But have you ever stopped to consider the legality of your actions? Do you know if your game play at your Canadian online casino is on the right side of the law? Is it something you could be prosecuted for? Reputable online casinos usually do display details of various online gambling laws, but this is something players often skip over in their excitement to get straight to the casino action. Could this be something you missed? And what could the potential ramifications be?

First of all, take a deep breath. We're happy to tell you that as a Canadian online casino player, your game play is perfectly legal. Secondly, if you're ever worried about the legal consequences of your online casino activity, the best way to ease your conscience is by playing at a Canadian online casino you know you can trust. And our experts have recommended only the reliable and trustworthy spots. Play at any of these featured Canadian online casinos today, and you'll enjoy a completely legal, safe, secure and thrilling casino experience.

Canadian Online Casino Laws

In order to understand the legalities of online casinos, it's helpful to look at where our current Canadian gaming laws originated. Since 1960, the Canadian government has been primarily against gambling. The federal government has stayed out of the debate by granting each specific province the right to issue gaming licenses. To date, some provinces have allowed land-based casinos, but Quebec is the only province that currently allows and endorses online gambling.

This does not mean that if you are a Canadian online casino player residing outside Quebec that you are indulging in any illegal activity. What it does mean though, is that any online casino catering to Canadian players must either be hosted in Quebec or outside of Canada's borders. Currently, most Canadian online casinos operate under the latter option, being hosted in a range of countries beyond Canada's borders. But those casinos still offer bonuses specifically aimed at Canucks, exciting promotions and game play to Canadian players.

Play Legally At Canadian Online Casinos

The issue of online gambling is still up for debate by the Canadian government. And at this moment, the issue of playing at Canadian online casinos is a gray area. While online casinos are only allowed in provinces that license them, playing at an externally hosted Canadian online website is not illegal. It's sort of a legal loophole until the government comes down on online gambling one way or the other.

One thing remains true though: no Canadian online casino player has ever been prosecuted for online gambling. While the issue is being resolved, you have the latitude to play at any licensed and fair Canadian online casino of your choice, and you can enjoy every guilt-free moment. So take your pick of our legal, approved Canadian online casino selection, and look forward to gaming that's both world-class, and completely lawful.

*Please note that this article is not a legal document and in no way constitutes professional legal advice.